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  • 100 Hikes of the Inland Northwest

100 Hikes of the Inland Northwest

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The diverse hikes in this collection are all within a three-hour driving radius of Spokane, Washington, including trails in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and British Columbia.

* Ninety-three detailed hiking maps
* Trail elevation profiles
* Includes information for anglors, scramblers, and those looking for the solitude of an old-growth forest

The Inland Northwest is bordered on the west by the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers and on the east by the rugged Montana Rockies. The imaginary boundary slips south slightly into Oregon and north into the glaciered mountains of Canada. You'll get directions to the area's best trails with this guidebook

The area covers 16 million acres of national forests, two million acres of national parks and recreation areas, and portions of more than six million acres of officially designated or proposed wilderness areas. From sagebrush country to alpine meadows, this trails guide book is designed to introduce hikers to some of the best routes in these wild areas

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