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  • 50 Trail Runs in Washington

50 Trail Runs in Washington



* Includes trail runs in Bellingham, the North and South Cascade Range, the Olympic Peninsula, urban areas, and eastern Washington
* Guidebook contains mileage of trails, elevation profiles, maps, and photos
* Offers helpful trail running tips for getting started, trail etiquette, and more

Trail running is a ever-more popular sport that provides a unique way to exercise while enjoying spectacular scenery. While there are many hiking guidebooks for Washington, this is the first state-wide, comprehensive trail running guidebook.

50 Trails Runs in Washington offers everything from where to go, what to bring, how to get there, and what to expect on the trail. Includes trail running descriptions of varied lengths -- from four miles to 34 miles, accompanied by maps, photos, and elevation profiles. Washington's trail runners will never be left wondering where to run again.


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