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  • Henderson Dip
  • Henderson Dip
  • Henderson Dip

Henderson Dip



These locally Northwest made spice blends bite back--not with heat, but with flavor!  Mix with sour cream or yogurt- or your base of choice.

Original:  Mix this spice blend with your favorite base and use on burgers in place of ketchup, in stuffed peppers or mushrooms, or on a baked potato.

Classic Caesar:  Cucumbers will never taste the same to you after experiencing them with our Classic Caesar spice blend! (The other veggies will be jealous). This creamy Parmesan and garlic blend also pairs nicely with seafood and fish, pasta, and, of course, salad as a dressing.

Spicy Chipotle:  Add a little smoke, lime, and spice to your recipe! This smoked jalapeno and lime spice blend complements grilled chicken or beef, eggs, and even tacos and quesadillas.


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